FIELD TRIP Eastern Carpathians


Eastern Carpathian curvature area

Main organizers: International Lithosphere Program -Task Force VI (ILP) & Romanian Society of Applied Geophysics (SGAR)

Attendance: researchers from Romania, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Italy

Total participants: 19

Field-Trip Guides: Liviu Matenco (Utrecht University, Nederlands) and Ioan Munteanu (University of Bucharest, Faculty Geology and Geophysics, Romania)

A two-day field trip was organized in the Eastern Carpathians curvature area, the region between the Putna and Buzău valleys. Along the selected valleys it is possible to access a series of important outcrops for illustrating the structure of the Eastern Carpathians as well as their Neo-tectonic evolution. From a geological point of view, the trip led the participants through rocks from the Lower Cretaceous to the Quaternary, crossing the entire folded and stepped center of the Eastern Carpathians (Moldavides), from the contact with the so-called deformed forefoot, the Focșani Depression, to their contact with the External Dacides, the former oceanic domain. Moreover, both contacts are special from a geological point of view, in the Targu Secuiesc area the Moldavide/Dacide boundary is hidden under the Quaternary deposits of the Covasnei Basin, an intermontane basin that registers a pronounced subsidence; the other border contact with the foreland, the Focșani Basin, is involved in the recent deformations that structure the Carpathians, as evidenced by the rotated Quaternary terraces, the Mio-Pliocene deposits brought to vertical, as well as the erosion profile of the Putna Valley.

Organizing committee: Liviu Matenco (Utrecht University, Nederlands & International Lithosphere Program), Ioan Munteanu (University of Bucharest, Faculty Geology and Geophysics & Institute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy), Irina Stanciu (SGAR & GeoEcoMar), Florina Tuluca (SGAR & University of Bucharest, Faculty Geology and Geophysics &  Institute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy)