Main events of 2021 & 2022

ILP & Geoscience 2022 –  International Symposium 

The Romanian Society of Applied Geophysics (SGAR) activity is focused on sustaining geophysical research and promoting geoscience

Organizer of geoscientific events

SGAR activity is focused on sustaining geophysical research and promoting geoscience.

SGAR organizes the following activities for its members:

  • Events (conferences, exhibitions, workshops)
  • Publications (abstract volumes)
  • Educational Programs (short courses, workshops, lectures)
  • Field activities

Find out more about our events or contact us for co-organizing. Get access to our events by becoming a member of SGAR  and get the chance to engage with other members on our activities.

Geophysical Consultancy
  • Technical advice on geophysical surveys
  • Technical reviews of surveys and new project designs
  • Undertaking geophysical surveys
  • Data processing, Interpretation & Reporting
  • Consultancy and Training in geophysical surveys
  • Support of local community in environmental problems

Support of Young geoscientists

Support the development of young scientists, students, and Ph.D. students have been the main objective of our association since its beginning, providing the frame for Training in geophysical surveys, Data processing & Interpretation as well as sustaining their research activity by offering financial awards.

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