Role of Geophysics in Nuclear-Test-Ban and GEOScience for Security

Event details:

  • Date: May 16, 2024
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Location: Insitute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania (Onsite)
  • This workshop is an excellent opportunity for students, professionals and enthusiasts to engage with experts in the field, explore cutting-edge techniques, and discuss their implications for peace and security worldwide.
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10:00 – 10:30 AM – Welcoming &  Field Camp 2024 Program Presentation

  • Dr. Eng. Florina  Țuluca
  • Dr. Eng. Lucian Petrescu
  • Dr. Eng. Constantin Ionescu
  • Dr. Venera Dobrica
  • Daria-Elena Măciucă
  • Ana-Elena Suditu

10:30 -10:50 AM – Geophysics for current challenges of the world 

Speaker: Dr. Eng. Florina Mihaela Țuluca – Faculty of Geology and Geophysics, University of Bucharest, President of the Romanian Society of Applied Geophysics and Vice-President of the Balkan Geophysical Society

10:50 AM – 11:00 PM – Break

11:00 -12:00 PM – Monitoring planet Earth for nuclear explosions using state-of-the-art technologies (seismic, infrasound, hydroacoustic and radionuclide)

Speaker: Dr. Ulrike Mitterbauer – Senior researcher at GeoSphere Austria (Federal Institute for Geology, Geophysics, Climatology and Meteorology); Manager of the Austrian National Data Centre; Task Leader in Working Group B of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization .

12:00 – 12:20 PM – Break

12:20 – 13:20 PM – Infrasound monitoring of natural and anthropogenic hazards

Speaker: Dr. Daniela Veronica Ghica – Senior Researcher at National Institute for Earth Physics; Head of the Romanian National Data Centre; Technical expert into the Working Group B of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization

13:20 – 14:20 PM -Networking  & Closing remarks

The workshop aims to provide theoretical information about the International Monitoring System and the role of seismic, infrasound, hydroacoustic and radionuclide data in addressing compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT).  The activity is prepared by the Romanian Society of Applied Geophysics in cooperation with technical experts of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization -Working Group B: Dr. Ulrike Mitterbauer  & Dr. Daniela Ghica.  The CTBTO is the Commission responsible for carrying out the necessary preparations to ensure the operationalisation of the Treaty´s global verification regime and is in a Relationship Agreement with the United Nations.

For a selected group of students, the workshop will be followed by practical experience in analyzing seismo-acoustic data (basic information for the initiation level) possibly related to explosions and their interpretation. Exercises will be developed using observations of infrasonic and seismic signals recorded with the national seismic and infrasonic stations from Romania (courtesy of the National Institute of Earth Physics) which are used to forensic tracking the repetitive explosion sources generated by the bombing and shelling taking place in Ukraine.

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Organizing team: Daria Maciuca (SEG -BSC -FGG), Ana Suditu (SEG -BSC -FGG),  Ioana Grigore (SGAR+ Institute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy), Andreea Răducanu (SEG -BSC -FGG), Timeea Manolache (SEG -BSC -FGG), Robert Birta (SEG -BSC -FGG), Vlad Catarig Iancu (SEG -BSC -FGG), George Turturea (SEG -BSC -FGG), Mario Lazu (SEG -BSC -FGG), Alexandru Zlibut (FGG)

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